Tuesday, October 31, 2006

R&D (50 meters lll, WI 4+) Ranger Creek, Kananaskis

R&D was the first ice climb I went to in my first season. I didn't get to climb it that time but one year later it proved to be the best climb of my life. Finally getting to climb "in the zone" made a WI4 seem like nothing. The hardest lead I tackled last year was 3+ at most. This is definietly the start to the season I had hopest for whilst fondling ice gear on the couch praying for cold. Honerable mention should be given to my new DMM rebels which performed seemlessly on their first lead. Looking forward to a good 06/07 season.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

First step to ski mountaineering

Watching Scott ski down Mt. Joffre while trudging out through the snow for HOURS made me want to cry. I swore i would get set up for alpine touring. After checking out an ad at MEC for skis and skins I am the proud owner of slightly used Hagen 183 tour freeride's with G3 skins for the low low price of $100. Now i'm on the hunt for bindings and boots.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ice Hunt 2006

On the hunt for ice Brenden and I went to check out R&D on sunday. Another stellar fuckin' day out in the mountains.
R&D wasn't built up enough for our liking so as a consolation prize we bagged a sweet 15 m WI 2.

Here's what it looked like on Sunday. R&D on the bottom left and Lone Ranger and friends on the right.

Close up of R&D with shepherd for scale.

Close up of Lone Ranger and nearby climbs.

Grotto Mountain

Fun day scramble up Grotto mountain (2706m, 8,878'). This was the first time I took Luger out hiking, he cut his paws a bit but seemed pretty happy not to be left at home.

Mount Joffre

Geared up and ready for Mount Joffre (3449 m, 11,316') June 23-25, 2006

Looking back at upper and lower Kananaskis lakes

Joffre from afar.
Myself, Brenden Ramsay and Scott Montgomery on the summit.

And the moral is: Don't drink all your water on the summit

Bugaboo alpine rock 2006

First trip to the Bugs and definitly not the last.

Bugs Ahoy! Worst hike of my life, not enough sleep i guess.

Snowpatch spire as seen from Bugaboo spire.

Howser Massif as seen from Pigieon spire. I took this because we could see someone by themselves hiking out from the far spire. Turns out to be Janes Alez after a four day solo of All Along The Watchtower.

Hiking across the Bugaboo glacier to Pigeon spire

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Don't know why you would read about climbing rather than getting your ass out there, job you say?, well who's the sucker now. Maybe some kick ass pictures would change your mind.