Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Heart Creek and Heart Mountain

Heart Mountain (Northeast Ridge): Canmore, Alberta

Went out to heart creek with Brenden for some sport climbing on saturday, super fun except for the bugs.
Brenden showing off his sweet new 4 Runner

I came back on today to do the scramble up the northwest ridge and down the northeast ridge. 4hrs 15min
View east down the valley towards Canmore/

Me and Cody on the summit
Some thunderstorms were rolling into calgary as we drove home and by the time we were in town the rain was coming down in the hardest rain i've ever seen. I had to drove through puddles 2 feet deep , the 14th street underpass underneath 16th Ave North was closed and probably had over 5 feet of water. Water was coming out of manholes in the road and the covers were floating away. This picture show the 2 block layer of bricks in Killarney.
And these two idiots are showing how to make a flood of their own. Sunlight dish liquid does not go in the dishwasher!