Monday, September 03, 2007

SIV Course

After a day climbing in the Bugaboos I went out to Mara Lake for the advanced manoeuvres course with Chris Santacroce. It was a lot to learn in such a short time, but they are good to know. I already can’t wait for next year so I can try and get better, wingovers and asymmetric spirals kick ass! I got 10 flights in over the 3 days I was there and didn’t really start learning to do the moves until the last day. On my last flight of the second day a gust front rolled in after Devon and I had launched. I got soaked with rain, but I managed to pull a B-line stall for a couple minutes and land in the middle of the lake. Devon went for an hour long ride, eventually landing in the field behind the campground. Unfortunately its back to school on Tuesday…fuck

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