Thursday, November 29, 2007


Accidents happen all the time and they invariably always lead to injuries. A sore shoulder has started me thinking about all the injuries i've had. It seems they pile up, some never getting worse but never getting better. But where do all these injuries come from, could they be related. It's not as though i've been in some terrible accident that has scarred me for life, wait a minute... there was that time, on that mountain road

...and we slid off
and rolled a couple dozen times till we got to the bottom of the mountain.

It's not that i forgot it's that we all walked away (sans seatbelts). I had a cut lip, no big deal. Then there was that time i t-boned an aerostar full of natives in my pickup at 80.

I have a sore neck. All the time, especially when i have to look up. So I don't look up. Now I find out I have a winged scapula. Sounds super cool I know, but its not. The PT i'm seeing says that my rhomboid and serratus aren't strong enough so i'm supposed to do stupid arm lifts to try and fix it. I try to do the lift, my shoulders hurt. So i don't do it. Turns out that winged scapula can be caused by nerve damage in an accident. So I guess it's off to the doctor. But i'm going ice climbing first.

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The Boy from Space said...

Nice blog dude, came accross it whilst looking for winged scapula treatment/excercises etc..

Sounds like you've been getting out a bit.

How you getting on with it anyway? Still hurt? You get weakness in your arm?

Im a rock/ice climber here in Scotland, been really hacked off as the winter season is fatting up and I cant get out cause of this weakness in the arm due to winging.PT gave me a couple of dumbell excersise but no good.

Keep thunking at the cold stuff..

Thanks for any help!